The magnetic moments of baryons containing u,d and s quarks have been extensively studied and measured. The experimental results are all obtained by using the conventional methods, namely the measurement of the precession angle of the polarisation vector when particle is travelling through an intense magnetic field by analysing the angular distribution of the decay products.

No measurement of magnetic moments of charm or beauty baryons has been performed so far. A reason of the non-availability of experimental information is because the lifetimes of charm/beauty baryons are too short to measure the magnetic moment by using conventional magnetic field.

One proposal to meet the challenge of measuring the magnetic moments of baryons with heavy flavoured quarks is to use the strong effective magnetic field inside the channels of a bent crystals over a short ditance. The detailed precession theory has been developed by [1] . E761 Collaboration had demonstrated the feasibility of this idea by measuring the magnetic moment of the strange ∑+ baryon [2] using the decay into pπ0.

This workshop is intended as a working/operational day and with the clear goal of definining the experimental activities in 2016 for the proposal of an experiment for measuring magnetic moment of charm baryon and in particular of Λc In the past, some studies on the feasibility of this experiment has been made [3].

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